Gympie Pony Club’s colours are bottle green and fuschia pink.

Our formal uniform, worn at gymkhanas and all competitions, consists of

  • beige jodhpurs or moleskins (rider supply)
  • long sleeve pink shirt (available from Saddleworld Gympie).
  • club tie and pin (available from the clubhouse on rally days).
  • bottle green vest (available from the clubhouse on rally days).
  • Gympie Pony Club saddlecloth at events (not compulsory at rallies – available from Saddleworld Gympie).



For rallies riders can (not compulsory) wear the club polo shirt and jodphurs or riding pants. Polo shirt also is to be worn on the cross-country phase of Eventing. Gympie Pony Club Polos available from the clubhouse.


Smooth-soled, heeled riding boots are to be worn, please see the 2023 National Gear Check Book.


Safety is paramount in pony club and all riders are required to wear PCQ-approved helmets, please see the 2023 National Gear Check Book.

For competition – black, brown, navy blue & white are allowed. The Helmet must be worn and effectively secured whenever mounted.

Helmets, boots, chaps, jodphurs and Gympie Pony Club Saddlecloths are available from Gympie Saddleworld