pony club

Pony Club was developed in England as a scheme to encourage young people to ride, focusing on riding instruction and fun in a safe environment.

Pony Club Australia

is the national body for pony clubs and teaches young people to ride through over 850 member clubs across seven states and territories.

Pony Club Queensland (PCQ)

is the state body for affiliated pony clubs in Queensland.

Gympie & District Pony Club

was the first pony club to be formed in Queensland in 1958. Read about our history or find out more about our club.


  • To encourage people to ride and learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding
  • To provide instruction in riding and horsemanship and to educate Members to look after / take care of their animal
  • To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty thereby cultivating strength of character and self discipline
  • To provide a safe learning environment for everybody


It is the responsibility of the parents/ guardians:
  • To supply a mount that is within the capabilities of the rider. Unsuitable horse/ rider combinations will not be allowed to participate on the day.
  • To arrive prior to the start of the rally, competition, clinic, to give your child time to prepare them mentally and physically for the day.
  • To assist with setting up and dismantling of equipment when necessary. Older riders without helpers will be required to assist with dismantling of equipment. Riders activities may be restricted on the day if no assistance is given.
  • To attend minimum of 2 meetings per year
  • To make themselves available to assist on competition days and clinics days even if their child is not participating.
  • To attend working bees when advertised.
  • To pay all membership and nominations at the time of nominating.
  • To adhere to the PCAQ code of conduct.
  • To check their riders gear for wear regularly


It is the responsibility of the Rider:
  • To follow the directions of all instructors
  • To adhere to the PCAQ code of conduct
  • To present themselves at each rally day and competition at an acceptable level for the day
  • To present their gear and horses appropriately for the day
  • To keep their gear clean and in good condition.