Most competitions are nominated via JustGo or Nominate. 

Be guided by the programme as to how to do so, using one of the links below.

Please use PCQ, Zone or club websites to access programmes.

All members are eligible to compete at official and unofficial events

‘JustGo’ Portal

You will use this site to nominate for most events listed on the PCQ Website.


Use the Nominate website to check to Pony Club Events and nominate for them. Also use this site for stabling for those events.

Official Competitions

Official Dressage, Combined Training , Show jumping and ODE are required to have performance cards for their horses (does not apply to seniors). Forms can be obtained from PCQ.

All riders must attend at least 2 rallies and be cleared for competition by the Chief Instructor first. Formal Uniform is to be worn at all competitions unless stated on the programme.

Unofficial Competitions

All members are eligible to ride at these events if they are capable of controlling their horse independently. The exception is Gymkhanas, where riders may be on a lead line. Please refer to individual programs for rider requirements.