Most competitions are nominated via My Pony Club Portal. In some instances however – such as our own club events – you will nominate to our Nominations Secretary. Other events again will require you to nominate via the Nominate website.

Therefore, be guided by the programme as to how to do so, using one of the links below.

Please use PCAQ, Zone or club websites to access programmes.

All members are eligible to compete at official and unofficial events

‘My Pony Club’ Portal

You will use this site to nominate for most events listed on the PCQ Website.

Gympie Club Nominations

For Gympie Members only – email our nominations Secretary for events. Check the flyer for the particular event.


Use the Nominate website to check to Pony Club Events and nominate for them. Also use this site for stabling for those events.

Official Competitions

Official Dressage, Combined Training , Show jumping and ODE (13yrs & up) are required to have performance cards for their horses. Forms can be obtained from PCQ and is the rider’s responsibility to complete and send to the Secretary along with payment. Children 12 years and under may compete in official events, but they are not required to have a registration card.

Showjumping starts at 70cm (13-26yrs) and moves up the heights as the horse and rider progress. Similarly Dressage begins with Prelim, and horse and rider combinations can progress to Novice and Elementary. A similar grading system operates for Eventing and Combined Training. See PCQ website.

Campdraft & Gymkhanas – Any rider can obtain performance cards from PCQ for their horse to keep track of their progress, but this is not a requirement.

All performance cards are required for state competitors unless 12 & U. These provide evidence of Qualification.

It is the riders’ responsibility to contact to organizing committee in regards to alterations and withdrawals of nominations.

Formal Uniform is to be worn at all competitions unless stated on the programme.

Unofficial Competitions

All members are eligible to ride at these events if they are capable of controlling their horse independently. The exception is Gymkhanas, where riders may be on a lead line.

Please refer to individual programs for rider requirements.

Local Competitions

Competitions held at Gympie Pony Club are open to all members and all parents/guardians are required to assist on the day.  

We hold club events and Zone events at Gympie to provide opportunities for our members and also to bring funds into our club.

We are a very active club and host numerous events during the year.


Payment must be made at time of nomination – to the Gympie Pony Club Treasurer, – into the Pony Club Bank account, or online . Check the programme for payment advice for each event.

Payments to Gympie & District Pony Club Inc.:

BSB 064-416
ACC 10106703

It is the riders’ responsibility to contact to organizing committee in regards to alterations and withdrawals of nominations.

Event Conduct

When at competitions, remember when you are in uniform, you are representing the Gympie Club. When mounted, riders must be neatly dressed in their correct uniform including tie and with sleeves rolled down and shirt tucked in. Vests may be removed after an official announcement is made. Correct Club uniform must be worn in all competitions, except where Zone or Queensland uniform is worn. The wearing of other apparel or the incorrect wearing of the uniform, could result in disqualification at all events from gymkhanas to championships. Proficiency certificate patches are allowed to be worn on the top of the left-hand uniform shirt sleeve.